About Us

In May of 1998 and again in May of 2004 the Midland Water Rescue Team was awarded the International Higgins and Langley Memorial Award for Excellence in Swift Water Rescue.


The North Carolina Association of Rescue and Emergency Medical Services recognizes Midland Fire and rescue as providers of Medium Rescue, EMS responders, Swift Water Rescue and Animal Rescue


Midland's current roster has 1 full time employee and 33+ part time employees.  The bulk of the department is made up of the 40+ volunteers who virtually live "on call", ready to respond to 911 calls 24/7/365.  All firefighters are required to get 48 hours of continuing education every year and the EMT's (Emergency Medical Technicians) are required to get an additional 24 hours annually.

Established in 1955, Midland Volunteer Fire and Rescue Inc. became the 6th fire department to operate in Cabarrus County.  Prior to 1955 the closest fire truck was over 15 miles away so firefighting was limited to buckets and garden hoses. Now, more than 60 years later Midland VFD boasts the largest rolling fleet among the 10 volunteer fire departments in Cabarrus County.

3 Engines

2 Pumper/Tankers

1 Rescue Trucks

2 Squad Trucks

1 Brush Truck 

1 Foam Trailer


1 Large Animal Rescue Trailer 

1 Water Trailer